Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Back to School in Lunch Lady Land

OKIE DOKIE.....so it has been awhile since I last posted....Anyway.....

It's back to school and back to work, at least for this Lunch Lady. School started here in North Platte Nebraska on Aug 14 and Boy Howdy let me tell you those first 3 days at the local High School were a Doozy. Thought the other gals and I needed something fun for surviving to tell the tale. This is an 8x10 picture frame that allows us to 'advertise' our successes and encourage one another. The messages are written with a Dry-Erase marker and can be changed by just wiping off the glass.

The digital stamps I used were MelJens Designs 'Little Kitchen Utensils' and  'Flirty Diva', which I adjusted a bit with a white gel pen for her hairnet ( a must for every conscientious lunch lady) and an ultra .005 fine point black permanent ZIG marker to add sleeves, to cover her voluptuous cleavage-dress code appropriate; and change her stylish heels to the ever necessary, hideously ugly slip resistant safety shoes. Wow! How was that for a run on sentence. My 15 and 17 yr old sons still at home informed me the sentiment I wrote was redundant...(if one lived to tell the tale one obviously survived. Sometimes having smart nerdy kids is a pain, on the bight side they do stop to say Hi as they go through the lunch line and aren't too embarrassed to claim me as Mom. Best part of the job is the High School Kids, they really are a lot of fun, full of  energy and, contrary to popular belief, actually very polite and mannerly.
And yes....all us lunch ladies love the song, Lunch Lady Land - by Adam Sandler. 

Have a really Great Tuesday and hope this  brought a smile to your day....