Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maria N Brad

Wow! It's been forever since I have posted a card....I was really excited about doing this one, had in mind what I wanted to do and just hoped it would look like I envisioned. Wished to make a very special wedding card for a very very sweet young couple. I Wanted to include lots of elements from the Doodle Pantry sets, Sheep Squeeze, Critter Tops and Happy Sheep. Also wanted to include extras like the Groom's Bow Tie, and the Bride's Veil, lots of lace, ribbon, pearls and whatever else, as well as personalize with their names. Oh....and lots of Stickles of course. I love the wool of the sheep with Stickles added. On the inside flipped one of the sheep for that "FIRST WALTZ". Also able to add the 2 sheep to the blank heart and insert the sentiment. Overall, I'm pleased and excited to give to the newlyweds, maybe I won't even put it in an envelope but firmly attach directly to my wrapped gift, without tape of course. I know I'm such a SHAMEFUL show-off...

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